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Financial Consolidation and Close

Organisations leverage Financial Consolidation and Close to reduce the time and cost to complete a close.


Planning allows you to take better business decisions by creating goal-oriented, driver-based plans. Get immediate insight into your performance with interactive dashboards and reports and leverage predictive planning to recommend the best path forward.

Narrative Reporting

EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting securely and collaboratively defines, authors, reviews, and publishes financial and management report packages.

Narrative Reporting is a secure and collaborative business process for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial, management, and regulatory reports that combine data and narrative in a single environment.

Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation is purpose-built to efficiently manage and improve global account reconciliation by automating and comprehensively addressing security and risk typically associated with the process.

Enterprise Data Management

EDMC manages business viewpoints, governs changes to them, simplifies data sharing to accelerate cloud deployment, and builds an authoritative source of enterprise information assets.

Profitability and Cost Management

Profitability and Cost Management enables business users to efficiently model profitability by segment and complex costing of shared services.

Tax Reporting

Tax Reporting is a comprehensive solution suitable for companies reporting under IFRS and/or US GAAP. The solution encompasses all stages of the tax provision and country-by-country reporting (CbCR) processes.